about jeff epperson

Jeff Epperson & Family

In the early 90’s, Jeff had a setback; a three year battle with cancer and to top it off a bone marrow transplant. Trust me, don’t feel sorry for Jeff for it has changed his whole outlook on life. Because of Jeff’s experience, he now lives every day to its fullest. Life is too short, don’t take it for granted. Jeff feels blessed each and every day.

Jeff now spends most of his time hunting with family and friends. Jeff currently resides in central Florida and is seeking to relocate somewhere in the US were he can one day own, hunt and manage his very own plantation. That is Jeff’s lifelong dream. Even though Jeff spends a lot of time hunting in the southern states, he spends some time year round hunting with his friends and family in the north Florida flat woods, mainly around the Lafayette County area.

This brings us to remember someone that is dear to their heart from that area and that man is Leland Ward. Leland was a dear friend, a mentor, father, and a great Husband. Leland taught Jeff and many others more about hunting then they ever thought possible. His guidance made Jeff and many others even more passionate about their hunting. Wow what can Jeff say, what a great outdoors man. Since the passing of Leland, Jeff has learned that life’s journey is not all about how much money you make at your job, but really when you get up for work make sure your enjoying what you’re doing every single day.

Jeff’s passion for hunting and the great outdoors has led him to a new career where he can combine both. After throwing some ideas around for about a year, Jeff finally came up with Buck Evolution. What better than to live life’s journey around the hunting industry? This journey is the evolution of hunting.