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Our Evolution

Well where do we start? Jeff Epperson started Hunting in the foot hills of Virginia in the farming community of Patrick County in the late 80’s. This is where Jeff found his passion for hunting at a young age and since has had the opportunity to hunt all over the South. Jeff has been fortunate enough to take a few good bucks from South Carolina to West Tennessee, from Virginia to Alabama, and throughout the Florida Panhandle. Somewhere in the South is where you will find Jeff and friends scouting out another good Buck. Since Jeff felt like deer hunting was his real passion, love and how it all got started, what better name for his new journey then Buck Evolution? At the end of 2009 Jeff started branding and producing Buck Evolution apparel, mainly shirts and hats to get started. This apparel looks great whether you’re in the woods hunting or as everyday street wear. So with a great name and vintage hip look, our journey begins.

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